Thursday, November 10, 2011

Difference between surveillance and program evaluation

What is the difference between research and program evaluation?
In public health program evaluators have only recently been introduced into the mix of public health personnel. The implementation of evaluations of public health interventions have increased over the past 5 years. There has been some confusion or confounding of the role of the public health surveillance systems for program evaluation. But this is not an effective use of the public health epidemiologist when they are called upon to provide program evaluation. Program evaluation has different purposes and stages from surveillance research activities. The following document provides a detailed distinction between research and evaluation. Although there continues to be language in this document that contributes to the confusion.

Foundational Elements for Program Evaluation Planning, Implementation, and Use of Findings, Steps to a Healthier US Cooperative Agreement Program from:
Published online 2005 December 15.

See: PubMed Central, Table: Prev Chronic Dis. 2006 January; 3(1): A19. Published online 2005 December 15.

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